Arthritis — inflammation of joints which is characteristic of different types of diseases.

The joint is a connection of two and more bones which are divided by a crack. The joint is covered with a synovial membrane which humidifies and protects the articulate surfaces of bones. They, in turn, are covered with cartilaginous tissue (cartilages). Such design allows bones to move and not to be erased the friend about the friend.

At arthritis the synovial membrane inflames. As a result in the struck area hypostasis develops, skin reddens and hurts. At the same time the mobility of a joint decreases. Often inflammatory process extends also to other joints.

Degree of manifestation of symptoms of arthritis can differ: from insignificant, moderate manifestations to intolerable and painful. But without treatment inflammation of joints gradually progresses, the articulate surfaces of bones are eroded and collapse. Generally at arthritis joints of feet and brushes, elbow and knee joints suffer, but the disease can affect also other parts of a body.