Huge attention is lately paid to a problem of increase in cholesterol in blood, and cholesterol is considered practically always as substance which slowly kills the person. But it absolutely not so. Let's try to understand what is cholesterol and the fear arising at its mention is how reasonable.

Cholesterol is a polycyclic alcohol, more similar on the consistence on beeswax. It contains only in animal fats, that is it is not in vegetable oil or French fries. 80% of all cholesterol synthesize our own organism and only 20% we receive with food. Cholesterol in a human body is carried out a huge number of functions.

First, it is plastic material – is a part of all cellular membranes of our organism, walls of cells, providing their stability, and participates in their continuous updating. Synthesis of sex, steroid hormones (estrogen, testosterone, cortisol), is also connected with cholesterol. The majority of these hormones, by the way, are lipolytic, i.e. help to lose weight.