Heart of the person as however, and other living beings inhabiting our planet is the pump created by the Nature to pump over blood in organism vessels.

Heart consists of the hollow cameras concluded in walls from dense and powerful muscles. Cameras contain blood. Walls, being constantly reduced, being in the continuous movement, provide movement, advance of blood on all huge network of vessels of a body called the vascular system. Without such pump directing and giving acceleration to a blood stream, existence of an organism is impossible. Even at the smallest, transparent mollusks, even at the fishes living constantly in the water environment, i.e. in zero gravity, heart performs the full-time routine employment. Without heart — there is no life, and not without reason the mankind considered in the millennia heart the center and a source of all vital forces and emotions. From time immemorial people worshipped heart, seeing in it the Divine.

At all the ingenious device (it did not manage to create an absolute analog yet), heart is only the muscular pump. But before to pass to its building without which understanding it will be not clear that it "congenital defect", we will tell in brief about how all system at which top of board there is heart is arranged.