Understand group of the diseases connected with disturbance of sleep quality, bad backfilling as a sleep disorder.

Main types of sleep disorder

Specialists allocate more than 80 various sleep disorders which can be divided into the main groups on type of complaints:

Insomnia: Difficulties with backfilling, early morning awakenings and chronic uneasy dream. Insomnia is one of the most common forms of sleep disorders.

Patients complain on:

1. fatigue;
2. problems with attention or memory;
3. deterioration in mood;
4. headaches and/or concern about sleep disorder.

Disturbances of breath in a dream: Various forms of an apnoea in a dream. Short apnoeas and snore – it is often imperceptible for sleeping.

Hypersomnias: At this sleep disorder patients first of all suffer from excessive drowsiness during the day though the number of night sleep does not decrease and there is no disturbance of a circadian rhythm (i.e. disturbances of an individual rhythm day-night).

Circadian disturbances of a rhythm of a dream wakefulness: Disturbances of a rhythm of a dream are caused by the shift of rhythms of a dream wakefulness.

Parasomniya: These are the incidental interruptions of a dream caused by the unusual physical phenomena or behavior, such as lunacy, nightmares, night groans, frustration of a feeding behavior in a dream or repeated unconscious bladder emptying during sleep.

Are basic reasons of sleep disorder:

1. Stress.
2. Unfavorable conditions of a dream.
3. Mental.
4. Organic reasons.
5. Neurologic diseases.
6. Drug intake.

Rules of a quiet dream

Two thirds of all sleep disorders can be eliminated by means of non-drug measures. First of all, it includes good hygiene of a dream. It includes the following rules:

1. You do not sleep more, than it is necessary for your organism.
2. Take in a habit to go to bed regularly.
3. You do not sleep during the day.
4. Provide comfortable conditions of a dream. It includes the correct temperature in the bedroom (about 18 °C are optimum).
5. Do not drink alcohol or coffee in the one or both evenings have the stimulating effect.
6. Pay attention to the balanced food and regular physical trainings.

When it is necessary to see a doctor?

The address to the doctor is necessary if:

1. sleep disorders remain (within not less than one month);
2. the interrupted night sleep strongly disturbs you;
3. often you are tired and are not concentrated during the day.