Birth Control

The harmonious relations and sex life are under construction on trust. But the fear to become pregnant can leave the marks. Quite often women refuse proximity only because are afraid of pregnancy and the unplanned birth of the child. Someone is sure that there is no absolutely well-tried remedy, others do not even try to understand what it is better contraceptive tablets and candles. But competent approach to the choice of contraceptive means allows to improve the relations and to get rid of excess fear.

At once It should be noted that the gynecologist has to select contraceptives. For this purpose the girl from the beginning of sex life has to address the specialist, undergo inspection on an exception of possible contraindications and only after that the doctor will be able to pick up an effective, and, above all safe method of contraception. Certainly, there are intrauterine spirals, caps and other, but tablets are the most popular among women. They are simple in use, at the competent choice do not cause any side effects, and if necessary it is possible to stop administration of drug, for example, to become pregnant.

Contraceptive to a tabletkivsa modern contraceptives are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal. The first besides are divided into oral and mini-drank. A pill needs to be taken daily at the same time without admissions for obtaining the necessary effect.

Contraceptive drugs can differ in amount of the hormones which are contained in them. Some women can use means with a high dosage whereas others can have contraindications. Therefore it is worth approaching the choice of means especially attentively. Oral contraceptives are divided into monophase, two and three-phase. Result from their use one – ensuring contraceptive effect. But features of use can be different. Therefore each group needs to be considered separately.